Like all the new iptv users, most of people are looking for reliable iptv device to enhance there tv watching experience. In this article we will explain everything you needed to know about IPTV services and devices. So you can stay in front of your television and enjoy watching your favorite tv channels or shows.

Below we’re going to talk not only about iptv devices, but we will also describe you and give you our review about the last material on sale in the market with all technical specifications.

Lets start with What is an IPTV BOX ?

As you all know that Smart TVs are the most used devices to watch IPTV, but in most of times there interfaces can be awkward and slow and manufacturers typically stop updating the built-in apps and services after a few years.

this is where the IPTV boxes play it well with the greatest advantage because you can carry them with you when you travel, you will only need an internet connection. It Also it can give older TV a new lease of life too, you can plug-it to a non Smart TV and give it and give life back to your old television.

Now you have an idea about the benefits? let’s get to the heart of the matter and try to understand with me what does an iptv box means.

Basically, it’s a small multimedia box (which works a bit under the principle of Android tablets) that you plug into the television (or computer screen) and that you connect (generally) to the Internet. As Sayed before This small box allows you to transform your old television or traditional television into a real “Smart TV” (connected television) with rich content like Netflix, IPTV channels, Youtube and more…

How to choose the best IPTV box that fits your need ?

First thing you need to know is that available streaming devices in the market come in three basic forms. TV box, Streaming media box some of them are smaller “stick” devices that plug directly into an HDMI connector at the back of your TV, and my little favorite Android Tv box (Or Android tv box). These are basically all the same types of devices – They allow you to watch fresh media content from the internet and stream it to your TV.

To make a good decision, you should looks at the apps and services you want to use on your futur device. For example Amazon’s fire devices will let you stream iPlayer, Netflix and Amazon Prime Vdeo, but you will no be able to stream Google Play Movies & Now TV etc..

What about Android TV BOX ?

OK, now that it’s clear in everyone’s mind, we’re going to use this generic term “Android tv box” all over the site. So what are these Android tv boxes?Different companies can create different themes and customize their Android menu. Usually they try to adapt it to make it easier to use from a living room sofa or they try to make it look like the Netflix menu (which makes sense after all). Netflix is ​​one of the best streaming services in the world, so copying their interfaces is likely to help a lot of people find their way around in an instant.

Android TV box menu

Since the customization of Android is quite extensive, if you don’t like the basic menu it will be easy for you to change it. In most cases you can just add a new theme from the internet and start using it right away.

Android TV box gives you more flexibility!

With a streaming box like a Roku you have to live in their world: their ecosystem, their apps … You will not have much choice if the app you are looking for is not available. Fortunately, Plex is available on most systems. However if you want to run a Kodi on your Roku… Good luck! And it’s the same with Apple TV. Whereas if I want to install Kodi or any iptv provider application on my Android tv box, I just have to go to the Google play store to find the application and click on “Install”… And it’s the same for hundreds of apps.

Our opinion about Formuler & Informir MAG !

I will start withs a good IPTV box should have as many technical qualities as possible for as good a price as possible.

You may already know this, but Formuler & Informir has made a name for itself in the world of IPTV devices. Many of their models have become best sellers and have received excellent reviews from around the world. Their IPTV boxes are known to satisfy people who buy their first Android box and IPTV veterans who have owned multiple products in the past. In short, the course of Formuler and is very impressive. Therefore there is always a negative point about any impressive device THE PRICE! yes both of them are expenssive  if you want to buy a device with IPTV subscription.

But we have the solution ! As an iptv provider since 2009 we have selected for you the best android tv box value for money boxes that are more efficient and higher quality including a good price !

The Best IPTV Boxes Available in the market

Wiriting this article took us about 3 Days! but selecting the best IPTV boxes for you took us more than 10 Days, we sent a survey to over 30000 customers with 50 IPTV Boxes and here are the statistics in picture.

In Number one The God of IPTV Boxes is the ZeusX 88 PRO

Im sure you are all asking with ZeusX 88 Pro is the best android TV Box for iptv user’s ?

ZeusX 88 PRO is one of the most well-known IPTV android box manufacturers in the world and with very good reason. Best user interface, best CPU/GPU in the market, support lots of apps such as IPTV, Netflix, Vudu, Kodi etc… The best way to turn your old TV to Smart TV or to make your new smart TV more smarter !

best iptv android box

ZeusX 88 PRO Features :

– First to support Google New system Android 10
– CPU: RK3318 Quad-Core 64bit Cortex-A53
– GPU: Penta-Core Mali-450
– Storage: 32GB to 128GB
– RAM: 4GB to 16 GB
– Support: H.265, 4K 60pfs, HD 2.0, USB3.0
– Support: 10/100M Ethernet,2.4G /5G dual-band Wifi 802.11 a/b/g/n